Friday, November 13, 2009

Rainbow Sherbet!

The rainbow sherbet quilt is done!

White Binding

I love this quilt so much. I wanted to keep the design simple because the fabrics are so bright and happy on their own.

Rainbow Sherbet Throw Quilt

I've discovered a better balance of relying on my walking foot versus pinning that has drastically improved my piecing accuracy - I figured this out while making the 9-patch blocks for AmandaJean's quilt-along. This is a big step for me!

Throw Thrown

To preserve the white border I just did a white binding. I was going to do a pieced binding but I am using this same fabric for the circle quilt and need all my scraps!

Made with Love

Sentimental label. I couldn't help it!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ready for Delivery

The three QBB quilts are done just in time for delivery at the Quilt Show! The fact that it took me a year (since last Quilt Show) to get my act together and make these quilts is a little embarassing. (Especially when I see AmandaJean's amazing Quilts of Valor project.)

Quilting is probably my favorite activity right now but I am certainly not very quick to produce completed quilts. Oh well, it still feels good to finish this project.

I'm sharing these in the order I made the tops. The first one up there I just took the fabric samples, arranged them on the floor (my "design wall") and filled in the gaps with my stash.

For the 2nd and 3rd, I got progressively more creative. I think the red, white, and blue quilt is my favorite, but the salmon and teal is a close second. I love thinking of the Ethiopian children cuddling under these on cold winter nights! Thanks again to Carolyn for quilting, Karen for trimming them up and running them all over town, and my mom for donating batting, backing, and time to do the binding. Go team!

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Sweetpea's Quilt

My cousin Megan is having a baby any day now (affectionately named Sweetpea in utero). Their nursery is brown and green, and when I saw this fabric, I knew I had to use it for their baby quilt!

Sweetpea's Quilt

It is Natureology by Studio e in brown. Normally I try to mix and match designers but this was so perfect, I had to keep it simple to show off the fabric. The finished quilt is 38"x44", perfect for playing on the floor.

Sweetpea's Quilt Back

The back is Kona cotton with a pieced strip. Quilting is in parallel lines perpendicular to the fabric strips.

To give proper credit, this quilt was heavily inspired by this one. Thanks, Ashley!

Sweetpea's Label

I used an Irish blessing on the label. I hope Sweetpea gets a lot of use out of it!

A tip for those using my label method - I got a set of colored fine-tip Sharpies, and some of the colors seem to bleed. Black and brown did okay but the two blues I've tried have some issues. So test before using on your final label!!

Updated to add: Miss Avery Camryn was born as I was posting this! Welcome, sweet new little one!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flutterby Finished

I finally have a snuggy lap quilt of my own!

Flutterby Quilt

Please excuse the photography. My normal quilt-holder is working late nights on a crash project, so I had to make due.

Flutterby Label

I also added the label.

Quilt at Home

This is the quilt's normal home. It will help bring some color to my neutral living room. Well, neutral, plus a red wall.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Only #3

The wedding quilt is done! I have been relying on peeks of this quilt for blog material for far too long now, it is nice to finally share the completed project. I am so happy with how this came out. The pattern is inspired by the Sparks Baby Quilt and AmandaJean's Flea Market Fancy quilt.

Wedding Quilt

I couldn't decide how to quilt it but since I am still limited to straight lines, I did a little grid pattern and think it works well.

I had originally planned on doing a pieced cotton back with bamboo batting, but when I was at JoAnns the fleece just kept calling to me. This is lap blanket size (50"x60") and I just love the cuddly fleece for curling up with on the couch.

Wedding Quilt

Pieced binding, as usual. This is only my third finished quilt of the year... I think the second half of the year will produce a lot more!

Lauren, I hope it's what you had in mind!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Worth It

Although I had to do almost everything twice for this quilt, I am so happy with the result.

Hourglass Quilt

I used the directions for the hour glass quilt on AmandaJean's site. Chain piecing helps this go together pretty quickly! Definitely take her advice and press the seams open.

Quilting Detail

My triangle piecing still needs some work but unlike my first try, the seams are all strong and I feel comfortable throwing it in the wash! Finished size is pretty big, 50" x 60" and it is light weight, quilted to fleece with no batting. Added bonus: I got to hand deliver the quilt to the precious recipient --

I am definitely glad I stuck with this project through all the ups and downs.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freshcut Finished

Every new quilt I make becomes my favorite.

Freshcut Quilt

This one is designed using the measurements on Amandajean's site, for her "Future's So Bright" quilt. It came together great, and my corners even match with only a couple gaps!

Freshcut Detail

I waited until the arrival of Ms. Abby Lynn on Sunday the 4th to start this so I could pick the fabric after I found out she was a girl. I had the top pieced by Thursday the 8th, and got it all quilted by Saturday and bound by Sunday to get in the mail! I think this might be a record for me.

It was hard to wait to share this but I wanted it to get to the recipient (who reads my blog, hi Suzanne!) before I spoiled the surprise!

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